Monthly Archives: August 2010
Working on the tank mounts and the exhaust pipes

Today I startet by working on the Tank mounts. The tank mount is in fact a cargo holder for the DIN canister I plan to use as a tank.

I plan to fix the canister with a mounting band striped around the canister. The mounting band will be hidden with some shrink tubing to reduce the “risk of injury”!

I finished the day by bending my exhaust tubes and welding them together.

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First pics from the exhaust …

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Battery mount…

today is gone almost completely into my battery holder:

I put it to the same place where the original battery was, but the new battery is a little bit bigger because the motor has an E-starter so I had to build a new holder.

it is growing

After adding the read wheel, and thinking about a tank the thing looks more and more like a bike!

small pieces

During the last days I build a lot of small pieces for my bike.

I build a saddle mount, some upper torque supports and some distance pieces for the main engine mount.

I also welded the mounts for the foot rests to the engine mount.

Finally I welded some mounts to the frame:

The mount for the upper torque support.

The front sidecar mount and the mounts for the lower torque support.

I hope that I can soon switch the projects state from constructing into finishing.

placing the engine

added fork and shock absorbers

Today I organized screws, and put the fork and shock absorbers on the frame. It is still comfortable with the 23 cm enhanced frame.

This was not the state where I want to be today, but I had to exchange the back tire on my GS500E on the old one the web becomes visible which was not funny!

The dieselbike frame…

After the first miserable frame, I ordered a 16t tube bending machine for tubes up to 80mm. those machines costs about 250,- €.

I also organized enough tubes in different sizes, so I can stick one tube into another.

I also got the front of a Dnepr frame gauge (thank you Peter).

So I started by rebuilding the rest of the frame gauge around the pieces of my frame.

Now with the experience from the last frame I bended all the tubes I need, and connected them to the frame:

And this is the new frame directly after the welding work, it was a lot more work as it seems to be:

Now the time is running away a little bit. From 10.-12. September is the 10 Diesel Motorcycle ralley in Hamm this is in two weeks and it would be great to go there with a dieselbike.

Diesel Motorcycle

Ok, here is an other project, a Diesel Motorcycle.

I am building on this for four years now with many breaks between the building sessions.

The engine is a Ruggerini RD 210 twin cylinder 1000 CC stationary diesel. The frame is a Dnepr bj. 1994.

The first pictures will show you the welding of the Gearbox adapter and a test run of the engine:

The next thing I did was trying to extend the frame. This was more complicated than expected:

Bending the two down tubes of the frame apart will not work, the holes are not in line after bending and the steering head is not centered any more…

This was my second try, the frame was to big, I did not had a propper bending tool, so I had to use fixed tubes, the frame was straight, but too big. I dont like it. The engine builds more than 10 cm deeper than expected.

So I packed all that stuff together 1.5 years ago waiting for a good time to build another frame… (to be continued)

Some statistics

There is a serial port on my IVT SCD30 Solar controller. I soldered a cable to connect it to my Laptop. I hacked a few perl scripts to read out the data, order and allay them.

Gnuplot then produces nice graphs:

Watch Gallery!

The huge red top current yesterday was produced when I switched on my Neon tubes. Today at 4:00 the importer stops, so there is some data missing.

Unfortunately I can’t extract how many power I use during daylight, and how many is loaded into the batterys. I will fix that soon.