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gearbox adapter version 2.0

Today I got the gearbox adapter parts.

The whole water jet cutting process costs about 60,- รขโ€šยฌ including the material. It took me 3 hours to draw all those parts and they are more accurate as they would have been when I had build them at home.

This picture shows you how the parts will fit together.

As first manufacturing step, I cleaned the parts and welded together the box pieces.

technical drawings

For the new gearbox adapter I decided to give CAD a try. Thanks to the qcad developers I am able to produce digital technical drawings from all parts of the new box.

(download DXF here)

There is a company here in vienna owning a water jet cutter, I will bring them the drawings tomorrow.

I also found a motor restoring garage who is able to check the russian flywheel for balance. If it does not take to much time he can also cut off all that russian petrol engine flywheel mass, the Ruggerini has a heavy enough flywheel in the front, in the back I only need a cargo wheel for the clutch.

bad noises

After I unmounted the gearbox and clutch, I found nothing, so I spend my day in some remeasure activitys.

On the good side I propably found the solution for some vibrations on higher rpm near the footrests, it seems that the russian flywheel is not balanced. Because I only have an improvised balance axis I will check that tomorrow again on a professional one.

Now to the bad side! The gearbox adapter is fucked up, take a look:

The view of the flywheel position a few mm higher than the centring ring for the gearbox, unfortunately, does not depend on the angle of the camera…

I did not expect that much difference in the adapter. Twoi years ago AFAIR it was centric. I will have to do that adaption part again…. s**t!

failures table

Here I will update a list of km and what happens on the Dieselbike:

  • 1 km Gearbox adapter makes noises (mounting problem)
  • 40 km Frontlight screw vibrates off, fixed with cable tie
  • 100 km Elektric runs flat, actually the charger never worked before because it wasn’t connectet correctly
  • 200 kmGearbox adapter makes noises again. Riding back home another 160 km
  • 360 km I put the engine out for a repair. I can’t see why the adapter is making noises this time. I will do some vodoo now.

Exploded Battery

Here some funny pictures of the exploded dieselbike battery I mentioned a few posts ago. Be aware of explosive gases in fresh filled batteries

Watch Gallery!

Broken pedelec motor

My E-Bike / Pedelec project is retired for the moment. Unfortunately the motor is broken during my last Controller test, so I had to stop that project to get the Dieselbike done before the next Semester at university starts.

As you can see a small plastic sprocket is broken. I am now searching for a spare part! All I become to hear at the moment is something like: “Build in a new Motor!”

Try to reach hamm…

After I got the engine running, I tried to solve that Battery problem, and started to reach the Dieselbike ralley in Hamm.

The first thing I tried was to mount a second battery to the bike which unfortunately explodes a little bit when I prepare to leave to Hamm. The engine starts with one battey, too, if the battery is fully charged. So I decided to carry a car battery and starter cables in the sidecar. During the first km to Hamm the charge controller broke so I tried around a little bit and I fortunately figured out, how to use the kickstarter with that engine.

Kickstarting the engine if the batteries are flat is my preferred solution but everybody else, I talked to, says: That is impossible! In fact, there are wholes for decompression levers but no decompression levers on that engine. So I need to find some levers to make kickstarting practical.

Unfortunately after 160 km near Linz the gearboxadapter makes noises again, so I hat to turn around, go back to vienna and took my petrol bike to go to the ralley.

Dieselbike youtube video

stupid mounting faults

first I will show you two pictures from the almost completed bike, then I report about the gearbox adapter problem…

It startet by a squicky sound coming out of the engine on shutdown. I started my investigation near the gearbox adapter and found out that the sound is there when either the engine is stopped or the bike is moved. So I made the theorie that I can’t hear the sound when the engine is running.

So I build out the engine and loked inside the gearbox adapter:

Notice the screw on the bottom……

When I made my first test runs with the engine I did not used any locktite because it was only a test run. After success I never unmounted the clutch. There was not even any locktite on the clutch screws.

God for me anyway today I know about the function of spring washers so I can use them together with locktite, and mount that correctly.

short diesel report

Yesterday I mounted the sidecar from my Ural, and modified the Dnepr footbrake so it can operate the Ural sidecar breaks. 8) It is not completely done yet, it will take some additional work during the day to get all the breakes working.

I also found out that my batterys are to small for the starter! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ So I need to modify my Battery holder again and build in a bigger battery. ๐Ÿ™„

After all I need to set up all the elektricity stuff! I still hope that I can do some rideouts on wednesday. If everything went fine I can start to hamm on thursday.

Update (17:15):

The breaks are clear, but I will start to take the motor out of the Bike now!
The gearbox adapter starts to make noises. I must know why that happens.

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