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cw-paddle in action

Morse Paddle

I want to learn morse code, so I needed a paddle, so I lasered one on the Metalab’s Epilog Legend 36ex Laser Cutter:

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Since there is some interest, I will make some build sets soon, ready for the Chaos Communication Camp 2011 in Finowfurth. (17.8.-19.8.m

The Icom Data Adapter

The selfmade extra Box with the speakers in my portable rig is a data adapter, here a close up:

It is a fully galvanic isolated data Adapter which makes it easy to access the PTT/Speaker/Microphone and CI-V interface via USB.

It also has an external speaker build in, because the internal IC706 speaker is too deep in the Box to hear anything.

Every audio and data path can be switched off seperately, a feature which needs about 10m wireing inside of that small box, to connect all those switches.

This picture I made during development. I build that thing in our local Hackerspace, the Metalab in Vienna. The speaker mount and the holes
in the box are lasercutted by the Epilog Legend lasercutter in the labs inventory. The small extra board holding the two RJ45 and the USB connector was designt with eagle light and milled on the metalab milling machine.

For the USB stuff I use a 3,- € USB hub, a USB sound card for headsets and an USB to RS232 3v/TTL converter. The next pictures will show you how to connect that to the rig:

This is an audio line converter with an 1:10 NF Transmitter which also causes an Impedance change from 10 Ohm on the speakers side to 1000 Ohm on the Microphone side. There are 4 of those converters in the box because I decided to build in two extra
lines for a second sound card. The Variable resistors are impirtant to adjust the level so that all the PC and Tranceiver regulators can be used in a normal way.

The Icom ci-v interface is a little bit tricky but only a little. It is almost a TTL RS232 except for the fact that rx and tx are combined on one line. When you design an Interface you have to take care that when one side pulls the signal up and the other side brings it down nothing burns up. Anyway this circuit
works for me.

I also build a PTT control which has a few pitfalls: The RS232 converter only delivers 3.3 V Voltage for the DTR line to the Optocoupler and is inverted. The Optocoupler can only switch up to 6V but the ptt is switched with 8 Volt. So I had to do a little bit more work here.

Last bit nor least the first picture again, it was so beautiful!

rig pics

Here are some pics of my rig click through the gallery to get more Info:

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still alive!

I am still alive!

There was a lot of work to do during the last half of the year. First of all I had to move overnight to a new location in November. This finally took all of my time until January.

In January I started learning for my Ham-Radio Licence which I passed on May, 19. My Callsign is OE1SRC

There is new stuff coming up soon!