Monthly Archives: August 2011
yet another diesel project

Sometimes it is totaly crazy. When you have absolutely no tome, to much projects to much things to do, you receive the coolest things for more cool Projects as a gift.

After the Kubota Engine I build out of that fridge unit a girlfriend wants to scrap her Citroen AX Diesel. So the chassis is going to a friend who builds a bicycle rikscha out of it. I go the Engine for another Diesel Bike.

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building a corner couch

This is another successfull small project.
Since one year now I have a tunnel to the topsleeper with the trucker bedroom. So I put away my bed and build a new couch corner.

The long side is made by a three seat bank of a small van. In the Corner there is a 600 liter water tank, so simply putting a couch on that place is not possible:

Fortunately that day somebody brought us a cheap couch from an appartment breakup.

It was a little bit of work reshaping the size of the two matresses….

Project worked out…

Travelling to the Chaos Communication Camp 2011

In the beginning of August I tried to drive to the Chaos Communication Camp in Finowfurt near Berlin with my Truck. Unfortunately it stoped working after a few km, I was not able to push the clutch pedal anymore. Packed up with lots of stuff from the Metalab Hackerspace which should go to the Camp.

The Next day I could organize a 35 years old Avia van from a friend which he received as a gift one year ago after it spends about 10 Years as a summer house in a garden. The Avia was not the best vehicle, but the only one, and it does drove the distance with just standard repair work.

The following pictures I made during the reloading of the cargo.
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