Monthly Archives: September 2011
Thinking about new constructions

When I am thinking about new constructions I fell over a picture on Flickr:


This is a ruggerini RD210 engine with a centrifugal clutch I can’t see any gearbox on that conversation.

3000 km on the Dieselbike

Since the International Diesel Ralley in Hamm came this year again, I finally assembled my Diesel Bike, did 10 km testride and then I rode to the Ralley.

There is a Gallery on Flickr since I forgot my camera on the sofa:

Plakat zum Dieselmotorradtreffen 2011

after the ralley I traveled to my dads home for two weeks.

When I was back in Vienna the Spedo says about 3000 km. The Gas cable broke and a Light bulb. Also there are some small oil leaks on the Gearbox I have to investigate. I also need a new Airfilter to get the noise levels down.

Zem with his self built diesel bike

Some pictures of the clutch repair work

Here is the gallery of my clutch repair work. The clutch take out bearing and the Pilot bearing was broken, so I had to move the gearbox 50 cm to the back, exchange the parts and build everything together again.

When you do that work, it will not be bad if you exchange the clutch and the crankshaft seal as well.

Watch Gallery!

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bad clutch