Monthly Archives: February 2013
Working on my Speaky goes on…

Unfortunately the VCO is still not working as it should be 🙁

TeXCalc a Calculator for uncertainties and LaTeX

Hi there,

during the last year I developed a command line calculator in python which can calculate numbers with


The Tool is also capeable to interperate with LaTeX doing python calculations within a



environment. Finally you can set your results rounded to two significant digits directly
into your LaTeX formulas by using

$val{foo}}approx val[1]{bar}$

You can find out more on the project website:

GIT is cool

Most of the time. 😉

you can easily forward a remote git repo to github by using a send hook:

        unset GIT_DIR
        cd /home/zem/devlocal/phunivie
        git pull origin master
        git push -u github master

The hook is placed in a bare repository which is then cloned to a local copy on the server which is
then pushed to github

of course you need to add a github origin, first…

git remote add github