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Speaky riser board

I soldered the speaky raiser board for the 9 Band modules as I mentioned during an earlier post.


The following set of pictures may give you an Idea how I made it, and how it fits into the Tranceiver.


Speaky 9 Band Extension

Yesterday I did some work on my speaky. I soldered together all the remaining Band modules
and put them on a raiser board which fits into the Box.


Seriously I do not know how this will work on the HF side, mechaninally this is not a
problem because the Box is much bigger than needed due to the frequency counter.

You need to do some cleanups to bring all the modules in.


The plug for the freq dialer must be grinded down a little bit. The whole Mainboard
must go 4 mm lower what you can do by grinding $45^circ$ angles into the metal cubes
what enables you to leave the spacers away.

Test will come in a few weeks.

Found pictures of my sidecar build…

I just found some Pictures from the build of my sidecar boat…


gallery{Gallery here…}

Got another engine

I got another engine. A friend gave it as a gift.

  • Hatz E75
  • 350cc
  • 6 ps

There is also an old Ural frame available together with some parts for a cool bike!
Estimated fuel consumption should be 1-1.5 Liters. I hope.


The engine is perfectly healthy even if it was lying around for several years.

Just found MathJax

during some web research I found MathJaX which
is basically a javascript which can format LaTeX Formulas on your website.

Let’s test:

$$ U=sqrt{P cdot R} $$

all right.

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Speaky Progress….

The Speaky board is soldered and ready for testing.