Monthly Archives: January 2014
Features for a Sonic Screwdriver

In this post I will collect ideas what we can build into a sonic
screwdriver today, to make it a really useful tool.

  • TV-B-Gone the famous TV on off switch is easy to integrate, and makes a good effect.
  • A mechanical screwdriver (nothing special)
  • A laser pointer
  • A flashlight
  • A pen
  • A USB storge
  • A small radio scanner
  • A voltagetester
  • Some capacitive buttons on the side to control screwdriver functions
  • morse code controlled embedded shell
  • a sound amplifier that you can use for various things even for finding telephone cables
  • motion sensors and blinking leds
  • screwdriver OS
  • mp3/ogg player
  • a recording and playback device
  • speed indicator
  • electronic compass
  • GPS sensor with cw output
  • infrared temperature sensor
  • crypto infrastructure (signing and encryption of data)
  • optical mouse pointer
  • a camera
  • some sort of status display or laser beamer
  • a wire cutter
  • add on interfaces….

so far, I’m sure i will get more ideas soon….