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my UnUn for vertical antennas

Yesterday during a few drinks after our regular CW operators meeting in Vienna I told a friend how I wind Baluns (yes I know this one is an UnUn)
So here is a picture first:


I wind this by rolling some wire usually with 4 windings per coil over my Hand. I then fix that Wire ring with insulation tape. depending on how
long it should last I add plugs.

I use this UnUn usually together with a 6,5 or 10 m antenna wire and some Antennatuner as near as posible to the UnUn.


Usually 1:9 transmission is good enough to get good reports even with QRP Power on the 80m band.

The UnUn you see in the first picture also has a connection for 1:4 and 1:16 transmission, as shown in the next circuit diagram:


I am using this UnUn on almost all of my mobile operations. and it seems to have a good performance, however I would not try to
place it on a metal plate.

yet another key

This time it is from the Ukraine, I got it on a flea market in Altlengbach last weekend.


I bought it because of that really HUGE antisparking filter box below that key, and really,
as I thought. it is exactly 70mm x 120 mm which is happily the size of for example a small MA12

It is as far as I have googled a Soviet TKF Key manufactured between 1988 and 1992 by
Cherkassy Telegraph Equitment. I wonder what they plan to key with that. But the key has a
good feeling and will surly key a MA12 as mentioned above.

picture of the cw fieldday in bruck

Here a late picture of the CW fieldday in Bruck/Leitha where the participants of the course in which
we learned CW made a fieldday in the end of July where we started using our new skills.


the hard ride

I could not let this parking in my friends shop, so here it is, my new chinese heist Bobber:


Tech Specs:
– 250cc
– Petrol unfortunately
– hardtail frame

It make a lot of fun riding it. If I would act logical I would drive a shared car, when I need one.