3 Bugs in our IPv6 Infrastructure

I am using IPv6 and it is great, I am using it as the only available Protocol on my Servers.
But the V6 Infrastructure still has a few problems, that do manifest as soon v6 is used as primary protocol.

So far what I discovered:

  • IPv6 root nameservers do not resolve These nameservers do forward your DNS Request, but if the targeted DNS Server does not have IPv6 it could not reached. Which means it cant even answer some V6 enabled domains, I worked around this problem by asking the IPv4 nameservers over their NAT64 address counterparts.
  • DNS blocklists are not NAT64 aware For time and stability reasons I solved this by giving my primary mailservers an additional v4 Address with NAT. (that DNSBL translator stuff I tried to make, at my last post does not work well yet)
  • Apps tent to get IPv6-IPv4 fallback wrong Just recently an app is trying IPv4 Address, which fails, but does not try the IPv6 Addr wich would work fine, only solution here is to write as many bugreports as you can.
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