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so far for the bike

Note the Fatique crack.
I am heading off with a car now.

Starting for a motorbike holiday to croatia on thursday

I am starting to a 3 week holiday to croatia this thursday. The Bike will be a Track T800CDI.
I will also do some Ham Radio Operations, so stay tuned, you may hear something from DD5TT aka OE1SRC.

I will also post a travel report here.

Aixam Engine

Yesterday I bought a Kubota Engine at I guess it is a Z402 from Aixam.
A first test revealed, that it perfectly fits into my old Ural frame, without any


So even if I don’t wanted to build on a russian bike base again, because there are so many more
things to do to get something relieable, than just putting the parts together,
the thing is, I have most of the Parts here now.

I also have the Front of a variomatic, to play around with.

Big Knock 2014

I was at the Big Knock after Fixing up my Bike at the Beginning of June.
see Pics in gallery{Gallery}

meanwhile, i was thinking about single cylindered engines

The idea was to get around a frame mod. this time, but it was
depressing, the ural frame i have left is to small for the E75.

I think I need another frame.

gallery{Gallery here…}

Found pictures of my sidecar build…

I just found some Pictures from the build of my sidecar boat…


gallery{Gallery here…}

Got another engine

I got another engine. A friend gave it as a gift.

  • Hatz E75
  • 350cc
  • 6 ps

There is also an old Ural frame available together with some parts for a cool bike!
Estimated fuel consumption should be 1-1.5 Liters. I hope.


The engine is perfectly healthy even if it was lying around for several years.

Rat&Survival + BigKnock 2012

This is the gallery of my rideout to the Rat&Survival Bike Show and the Big Knock Dieselbike Ralley 2012. Have fun!

Watch Gallery!

first kubota test run

Here a video of the first testrun of my Kubota D950

Unfortunately it burns oil on two cylinders, the water pump does not work and the crankshaft bearing is gone after the run. So it will take a few weeks more to get my second diesel bike on the road.

Easter horrorshow

The first set of pictures shows one of the exclusive Ural dry-enddrives in good shape. Those drives are dry to prevent oil from dripping on the street. Even if you fill in Oil to them, it will last for 20000 km until the bolts of the cover getting lose and the oil will leak out. You can drive another 10000 km when that happens.

The next set shows another end drive which has some serious cracks in its cover, so it ist useless until I figured out a way to get that fixed.

After I found some slightly useable parts I failed to mount a new enddrive ratio, the cover is not closing, I will write more about that when I know whats going on with that transmission:

Finally on the investigation of the Kubota engine I want to show you a short video of the Injection pump:

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