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so far for the bike

Note the Fatique crack.
I am heading off with a car now.

Starting for a motorbike holiday to croatia on thursday

I am starting to a 3 week holiday to croatia this thursday. The Bike will be a Track T800CDI.
I will also do some Ham Radio Operations, so stay tuned, you may hear something from DD5TT aka OE1SRC.

I will also post a travel report here.

the hard ride

I could not let this parking in my friends shop, so here it is, my new chinese heist Bobber:


Tech Specs:
– 250cc
– Petrol unfortunately
– hardtail frame

It make a lot of fun riding it. If I would act logical I would drive a shared car, when I need one.

Big Knock 2014

I was at the Big Knock after Fixing up my Bike at the Beginning of June.
see Pics in gallery{Gallery}

Chinese monkey escaped from box

I thought about getting one of those chineese monkeys, for a while. Last thursday the cage from china was delivered, by a german monkey dealer.


I freed it from the cage, gave it new schoes, some oil, inspection and a speed sprocket!


It makes fun riding it. Those Bikes only weight 60 Kg. I did’t test the fuel consumption, but the commercials say about 2.8 litres.
So it is a good and easy city bike.

gallery{to the gallery…}

Rat&Survival + BigKnock 2012

This is the gallery of my rideout to the Rat&Survival Bike Show and the Big Knock Dieselbike Ralley 2012. Have fun!

Watch Gallery!

Final-drive issues

Last weekend I traveled to the 20. Ratbike Wintertreffen near Ulm. On the campsite I discovered that the final-drive was not transmitting full power to the wheel anymore…

Obviously there are some pieces not in their place. Fortunately they are not important, except if you want to drive.

HOWTO kickstart that 1000cc diesel bike

3000 km on the Dieselbike

Since the International Diesel Ralley in Hamm came this year again, I finally assembled my Diesel Bike, did 10 km testride and then I rode to the Ralley.

There is a Gallery on Flickr since I forgot my camera on the sofa:

Plakat zum Dieselmotorradtreffen 2011

after the ralley I traveled to my dads home for two weeks.

When I was back in Vienna the Spedo says about 3000 km. The Gas cable broke and a Light bulb. Also there are some small oil leaks on the Gearbox I have to investigate. I also need a new Airfilter to get the noise levels down.

Zem with his self built diesel bike

Travelling to the Chaos Communication Camp 2011

In the beginning of August I tried to drive to the Chaos Communication Camp in Finowfurt near Berlin with my Truck. Unfortunately it stoped working after a few km, I was not able to push the clutch pedal anymore. Packed up with lots of stuff from the Metalab Hackerspace which should go to the Camp.

The Next day I could organize a 35 years old Avia van from a friend which he received as a gift one year ago after it spends about 10 Years as a summer house in a garden. The Avia was not the best vehicle, but the only one, and it does drove the distance with just standard repair work.

The following pictures I made during the reloading of the cargo.
Watch Gallery!

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