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so far for the bike

Note the Fatique crack.
I am heading off with a car now.

Some pictures of the clutch repair work

Here is the gallery of my clutch repair work. The clutch take out bearing and the Pilot bearing was broken, so I had to move the gearbox 50 cm to the back, exchange the parts and build everything together again.

When you do that work, it will not be bad if you exchange the clutch and the crankshaft seal as well.

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bad clutch

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building a corner couch

This is another successfull small project.
Since one year now I have a tunnel to the topsleeper with the trucker bedroom. So I put away my bed and build a new couch corner.

The long side is made by a three seat bank of a small van. In the Corner there is a 600 liter water tank, so simply putting a couch on that place is not possible:

Fortunately that day somebody brought us a cheap couch from an appartment breakup.

It was a little bit of work reshaping the size of the two matresses….

Project worked out…

Travelling to the Chaos Communication Camp 2011

In the beginning of August I tried to drive to the Chaos Communication Camp in Finowfurt near Berlin with my Truck. Unfortunately it stoped working after a few km, I was not able to push the clutch pedal anymore. Packed up with lots of stuff from the Metalab Hackerspace which should go to the Camp.

The Next day I could organize a 35 years old Avia van from a friend which he received as a gift one year ago after it spends about 10 Years as a summer house in a garden. The Avia was not the best vehicle, but the only one, and it does drove the distance with just standard repair work.

The following pictures I made during the reloading of the cargo.
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getting rid of the rust….

Because I want to live in my lorry a little bit longer, I make a restauration project at the moment:

The Problem is rust, there is a big hole in the Exhaust, one tube of the box changed to dust, and rust overall, the batteries are broken, too, so I am about to fix that at the moment.

Last week I beat off the rust with a needle-de-ruster:

There is still a lot of work to do….

Some statistics

There is a serial port on my IVT SCD30 Solar controller. I soldered a cable to connect it to my Laptop. I hacked a few perl scripts to read out the data, order and allay them.

Gnuplot then produces nice graphs:

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The huge red top current yesterday was produced when I switched on my Neon tubes. Today at 4:00 the importer stops, so there is some data missing.

Unfortunately I can’t extract how many power I use during daylight, and how many is loaded into the batterys. I will fix that soon.

Solar power

Since a few days my solarpanels are finally mounted on the roof and conected to the batterys! It is a 24V 6x190Wp solar installation.

The power is stored in two 90 Ah batterys by a simple linear voltage regulator.

240V AC is generated by the big box at the top, a 1200W Sinus Inverter.

12V DC is generated by the small circuit in the middle which is a variable DC converter for input voltages up to 24 V at 2A, which I found lying around. I did some vodoo to it to get more than 2A at the moment it is secured at 5A, and delivers 2A without getting warm.

The installation is able to charge my batterys with 10 A on a clouded sky. Now during summer days I can power my Laptops 24 hours a day and even use a vacuum cleaner with it.

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The Gangway

On monday I need some experience, so I sawed a gateway between the box and the topsleeper of the drivers cabin of my truck, with a pad saw:

My truck has a modern tilt cab, and a removeable box, so the gateway must be removeable, too. So I decided to solve that later and taped some bin bags around the gate. Unfortunately my tanktape was empty after I taped half of the bags so I had to use gaffer….

Of course this goes wrong when it starts raining on friday:

So I have to do some emergency building. The plan was to build two frames for each side of the gate to mount a tunnel made from lorry tarpaulin between.

I used some aluminium profile for the frames:

After the production of the frame I started to make a pattern for the tunnel on the tarp:

I sewed it with an old Singer sewing machine I got from my grandmother. The tunnels in the corner are for elastic bands which should fix the tunnel to the frames.

mounting the frames:

and the truck tarp:

and the best: It is sealed now!